About this website is owned, operated and maintained by the Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce with the goal of promoting the Greater Grand Bend Area to area visitors, vacationers, local residents and cottage owners. was launched in 2001 and has a well established reputation for being the place to find information about the Greater Grand Bend Area including where to stay, shop, dine and obtain professional services of all descriptions.

From its launch, website traffic quickly grew and by 2009 the site had more than a million webpage views per year.

Advertising offers two main advertising opportunities:

  1. Banner ads – large and small
  2. Business Listings

Banner Ads

Banner ads are displayed in blocks of random rotation at the top of the right sidebar of most content pages on the website. Each major category section – Stay, Play, Dine, Shop, Services and Move to the Lake – displays ads relevant to that section. For example, ads from accommodation providers are displayed in the Stay section. Ads from real estate agents are displayed in the Services section or Move to the Lake section.

There are three Ad Zones:

  1. one for large business ads (250 pixels x 250 pixels),
  2. a second that displays directly below for small business ads (125 pixels x 125 pixels) and
  3. a third area that displays below that for event ads (125 pixels x 125 pixels).

Ads can be set to hyperlink to any website or webpage of the advertiser’s choice.

Depending on the product or service mix of a business, it is possible for a single business to have more than one banner ad and for those ads to display in different sections of the website. For example, if a business were a coffee shop serving food and beverage items but also sold gifts, clothing and accessories, then it is reasonable for that business to promote their coffee shop service under the Dine section and the gifts, clothing and accessory product lines under the Shop section. A 10% discount is provided for multiple ads.

Banner advertising is sold in 3-month, 6-month and 12-month periods with a minimum 3-month purchase.

Banner Ad File Specifications

  • Acceptable file formats: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, swf
  • Acceptable file sizes for large web badge: 25kb for standard graphic file; 35kb for Flash/swf
  • Acceptable file sizes for small web badge: 15kb for standard graphic file; 20kb for Flash/swf

Banner Advertising Sizes & Pricing

TermAd Size"Business Listing"
"Chamber Member "
3 Months250 pixel x 250 pixel$50$45
125 pixel x 125 pixel$38$34
6 Months250 pixel x 250 pixel$94$84
125 pixel x 125 pixel$70$63
9 Months250 pixel x 250 pixel$130$117
125 pixel x 125 pixel$98$88
12 Months250 pixel x 250 pixel$164$144
125 pixel x 125 pixel$123$108

Advertising Guidelines

For the sake of users of this site, business listings and banner ads must have some relevance to the objectives and goals of the website (i.e. promotion of things to do, where to shop, where to eat and where to obtain professional services in the Greater Grand Bend Area, defined as including locations in the municipalities of Lambton Shores, North Middlesex, South Huron and Bluewater).

All advertising – business listings and banner ads – are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and Management of the Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce who reserve the right to reject any business listing or banner ad deemed inappropriate for the audience and/or goals of this website.

Only businesses with a Business Listing on this website are eligible to purchase banner ads.

Acceptance of advertising is also subject to advertising spots available, which are sold on a first come, first paid, first displayed basis.

Website advertising is posted once payment is received. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit card using our PayPal account. Invoices are issued for all advertising.

Business Listings

Business listings on this website are placed within a category that matches task-oriented web and mobile users’ search goals. Business listings are complemented by original editorial content developed in conjunction with that researched and written for the annual visitors guide – It Starts at the Beach. The guide itself is also offered online as an electronic flipbook.

Any local business in the municipalities of Lambton Shores, North Middlesex, South Huron and Bluewater may be listed on this website for an annual fee of $100.

Members of the Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce are provided FREE listings on this website as part of their Chamber Membership and also receive discounted banner advertising rates.

For small incremental fees, Chamber Members can upgrade their listing to include multiple weblinks to their website, facebook page, twitter account or any other social media accounts as well as add up to two photos and an interactive Google map of their location.

Business Listing Features & Pricing

Basic Member Listing
Included with Membership
Member Listing
+ $70**
Member Listing
+ $89
Name, Address, Phonecheckcheckcheckcheck
Email Linkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Description100 words100 words400 words
(website, social media)
Location Mapcheck
Web Badge AdvertisingFee AppliesFee AppliesFee AppliesFee Applies

** Fee includes $20 credit toward web badge advertising.

Buy a Business Listing or Banner ad Now

For information or to purchase a listing on this website or arrange for web badge advertising, contact Susan Mills at 519-238-2001 or email or complete the order form below.

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NOTE: Payment must be received prior to start of Business Listing or Ad Campaign. Cheques can be mailed to: Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce 1-81 Crescent St., PO Box 248 Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0